Outstanding Publication Award - SciTS 2020


Nomination Guidelines

Award Description: Presented to author(s) of an original article, book chapter, white paper, or report formally published in 2018 or 2019 that has made significant contributions to the science of team science, is well-written, and appeals to a broad audience. The work will have made contributions to theory or empirical evidence of factors and conditions that influence effectiveness of conducting team science. Theoretical or empirical knowledge may include, but not be limited to, research that can improve functioning and effectiveness of science teams. This award is given for a single publication that stands alone as an example of high-quality scholarship on science of team science.

  • Nominations should reflect exceptional quality in methodology, clarity of writing, and usefulness of the findings.
  • Taken as a whole, the publication should be exemplary of its kind and a potential model for others.
  • Nominations are accepted for single- or co-coauthored works.
  • Dissertations and theses are not eligible for this award.

Deadline: Nominations are open through March 1st, 2020.

Required Nomination Materials: Electronic submissions must contain each of the following materials combined into ONE electronic file. Submitted materials are not returned.

  1. Nomination Form: Please review all required nomination materials before completing the Nomination Form.
  2. Nomination Summary: Include a 150-word summary of the nomination.
  3. Author/ Co-Author contact information and description of their contribution to the publication. Submit the name, affiliation, email address and a description (less than 200 words) of the author’s (s‘) contributions to the work.
  4. Supporting Documentation: Supply a copy of the full publication for distribution to reviewers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I nominate myself? Yes, self-nominations are welcome.
  • Are white papers and reports eligible?  Yes, there are many paths to publication.  We welcome white papers and reports that have been formally published along with scholarship that has been published in books and journals.
  • Are publications by student authors allowed? A student award may be given provided there are enough high-quality submissions in the student category. A submission can be considered in the student category if the primary author(s) were currently enrolled in a master’s or doctoral degree program at the time the publication was written.  There is a space on the nomination form to indicate that the nomination should be considered in the student category.
  • Can I send the documents in hard copy? We are only accepting electronic nominations submitted through the INSciTS website.  This is environmentally conscious and makes it easier to distribute the nominations to reviewers.  The supporting documentation should be submitted as a single file, preferably as a PDF.