Steve Fiore (Chair) 

  • Professor, Cognitive Sciences, Department of Philosophy 

  • Director, Cognitive Sciences Laboratory IST

  • University of Central Florida  

Bianca Vienni Baptista

  • Senior Researcher & SNSF Group Leader

  • Transdisciplinarity Lab – Dept of Environmental Systems Science

  • ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Heather Billings (Co-Chair)  

  • Director of Faculty Development 

  • Office of Applied Scholarship and Education Science, Mayo

  • Assistant Professor of Medical Education, College of Medicine  

Maritza Salazar Campo 

  • Associate Professor, Organization & Management 

  • UCI Paul Merage School of Business 

Edgar Cardenas 

  • Associate Director - Toolbox Dialogue Center

  • Center for Interdisciplinarity | Michigan State University

Deborah DiazGranados  

  • Associate Professor, School of Medicine  

  • Affiliate Associate Professor, Psychology 

  • Virginia Commonwealth University  

Kara L. Hall

  • Director, Science of Team Science (SciTS) 

  • Health Behaviors Research Branch , BRP

  • Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences 

  • National Cancer Institute 

Chris Lenhardt  

  • Domain Scientist, Environmental Data Science and Systems  

  • Renaissance Computing Institute  

  • UNC-Chapel Hill  

Catherine Lyall

  • Professor of Science and Public Policy

  • Science, Technology & Innovation Studies

  • School of Social and Political Science

  • University of Edinburgh 

Anne Heberger Marino  

  • Lean-to Collaborations  

  • Brunswick, Maine 

Susannah Paletz  

  • Associate Professor, College of Information Studies  

  • University of Maryland  

Katie Plaisance   

  • Associate Professor, Department of Knowledge Integration  

  • Cross-appointed to the Department of Philosophy  

  • University of Waterloo 

Christian Pohl 

  • ETH Zürich  

  • TdLab, Department of Environmental Systems Science

  • Switzerland 

Dayan Ranwala 

  • Associate Professor in the Academic Affairs Faculty at the Medical University of South Carolina   

  • Associate Director for the South Carolina Clinical and Translational Research (SCTR) Institute Pilot Project Program and Team Science Program 

Betsy Rolland

  • Director of Team Science + Research Development,  UWCCC and ICTR  

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison  

Darshana Shah

  • Professor of Pathology, Associate Dean 

  • Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine   

  • Marshall University   

Elizabeth B. Strand

  • Endowed All Creatures Great and Small  

  • Clinical Associate Professor  

  • University of Tennessee   

Jonah Fogel

  • Program Manager

  • University of Virginia

  • Environmental Resilience Institute

Lingfei Wu  

  • School of Computing and Information  

  • University of Pittsburgh