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Thank you for your interest in INSciTS! We are the professional organization for team science and the Science of Team Science (SciTS) field.

All stakeholders in team science – including individuals leading, engaging in, managing, facilitating, supporting, evaluating, and producing scholarship on team science -- will find a professional home in INSciTS. INSciTS is a forum to share the latest evidence for what works in team science and collaborate with one another to advance the SciTS field.

To learn about topics that members are collaborating on, now, see the list of active Special Interest Groups (SIGs), here.

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The creation of INSciTS in 2018 reflects the growing national and international focus on using team science to advance efforts to solve both scientific and societal problems.

Individuals who become members of the organization in our first two years of growth, 2018-2020, will be recognized as founding members of this new organization. Your membership dues will support the launch and foundational growth of this community.  All dues are applied to the direct operating costs of INSciTS.

While INSciTS was founded recently, the organization is rooted in over a decade of annual conferences and scholarly work in the SciTS field. To learn more about this history, explore the Past SciTS Conferences tab.

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Why Join?

Why join another professional organization?  Here’s what some of our members are saying about why they joined INSciTS:

“INSciTS is my professional home.  Every year I look forward to attending the SciTS conference to learn about exciting team science research and training initiatives.  I also love the opportunity to meet with new colleagues and reconnect with old friends to chat about team science.” 

-  Maritza Salazar Campo, PhD, Assistant Professor, Organization and Management, University of California Irvine, Paul Merage School of Business; INSciTS President


“I attended my first SciTS conference in 2015, and since then have built a rich community of colleagues in the field that I regularly collaborate with and who inspire me throughout the year. I really value the diversity of national and international team science practitioners, funders, policy makers and researchers.” 

-  Heather Billings, PhD, Administrative Lead for Team Science, Center for Clinical and Translational Science, Mayo Clinic

“For the last ten years this community has provided me with useful tools and kindred spirits.  There are always new ideas to explore and relationships to foster.  I am continually impressed by the rigorous thinking and generosity that is at the heart of INSciTS.”

-  Anne Heberger Marino, MSW, Research Facilitator and Evaluator

"As a PhD student, INSciTS provided me with an entire academic community that is ready to offer support, guidance, and mentoring. I feel extremely lucky to have found such an active and energetic community early in my career." 

- Hannah Love, PhD, MS, MA, Colorado State University



“Linking scholars across complementary research areas is essential to making progress on solving complex scientific and societal problems.  INSciTS has been instrumental in introducing groups and teams researchers to the important domain of scientific collaboration.  The connections between INSciTS and the Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research (INGRoup) has been very productive and I look forward to seeing this continue to flourish.”

- Stephen M. Fiore, PhD, Professor, Cognitive Sciences, Department of Philosophy; Director, Cognitive Sciences Laboratory, Institute for Simulation & Training, University of Central Florida; Past-President, INGRoup; INSciTS Board Member

Intereach is a community of practice for people whose professional roles are largely, or entirely, devoted to enabling team science that synthesizes knowledge across boundaries, including disciplines, sectors, regions, and institutions. We come together around our shared interest in advancing this profession, through professional development, training, and awareness raising.  Does this sound like you?  There is a vibrant Intereach community that gathers annually at the SciTS conference, and collaborates through the year via an INSciTS Special Interest Group.”

-  Christine Ogilvie Hendren, PhD, Assistant Research Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Duke University, and Executive Director, Center for the Environmental Implications of NanoTechnology

Would you like to share your testimonial about INSciTS?  Please contact INSciTS Membership Chair Amanda Vogel at: [email protected]

Benefits of Membership

Membership in INSciTS provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced registration rate for SciTS Conference.  Members will receive a discounted registration rate for the annual SciTS conference.
  • Special Interest Groups.  Members will be able to initiate, participate in, and lead INSciTS Special Interest Groups (SIGs).  The SIGs are collaborative, member-led groups that aim to advance key priority areas in the Science of Team Science (SciTS) field.  The SIGs are a resource for INSciTS members to build community and form and sustain collaborations around shared interests. They create opportunities to influence the content of the conference, collaborate on SciTS initiatives and research, and interact with the external community. To learn more about the INSciTS SIGs, click here
  • Member directory.  Members will have the opportunity to be included in the INSciTS member directory, and will have access to the directory, as a resource for networking and collaboration formation.
  • Résumé enhancement. Members will be part of the professional organization that is the home for the science of team science.  All individuals who join in 2018-2020 will be recognized as founding members.
  • Representation in the INSciTS organization.  Members are eligible to serve as officers or board members in the organization.  In addition, INSciTS members have voting privileges in the organization, enabling them to participate in voting to fill leadership positions.
Become a Founding Member or renew your existing membership

Membership Levels and Dues

In 2018-2020, there are four individual membership levels, described below.  Dues listed are for a one-year membership. 

Your membership goes into effect the day you register and continues for one year from that date.

Regular ($180)

Regular membership confers the privileges of voting and holding office.

Transitional ($90)
Transitional membership offers the same benefits as regular membership, at a discounted rate.

Transitional membership is for those who have recently completed a degree program, and who are in the first two years of their careers (including postdoctoral fellowships). The transitional rate is available for two consecutive membership years. Transitional members must provide documentation of transitional status (i.e., degree program, graduation date) on their new or renewing member applications.

Student/Trainee ($60)
Student/trainee membership offers the same benefits as regular membership, at a discounted rate.

Student/trainee membership is for those who are enrolled in a full-time degree granting program. Student/trainee members must provide documentation of student/trainee status (i.e., degree program, anticipated graduation date) on their new member applications or renewing member forms.

Retiree ($0)
Retiree membership offers the same member benefits as regular membership, at no cost. 

Retiree membership offers the same member benefits as regular membership, at no cost. Retiree membership is for those who are age 62 or older and not drawing a full-time salary from an employer.

Become a Founding Member

Questions about Membership?

Please contact INSciTS Membership Chair, Amanda Vogel, at: [email protected]

Amanda L. Vogel, PhD, MPH, Health Scientist Administrator, Education Branch, Office of Policy, Communications and Education (OCPE),  National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS)