Ms. Jennifer Sprecher, Institute of Translational Health Sciences; Dr. Brenda Zierler, PhD, RN, FAAN, Professor, Biobehavioral Nursing and Health Informatics, School of Nursing, Univ; Erin Blakeney, PhD, RN, School of Nursing, University of Washington; Ms. Nicole Summerside, MHA, School of Nursing, University of Washington

As team science has moved from industry to clinical to research environments, the approach, method and competencies have had to adjust to meet the needs of the various audiences. The goal of this workshop is to describe and demonstrate an approach to team training that meets the tailored needs of research teams. The SciTS community and attendees that attend this workshop will benefit from hearing common research team challenges and will gain access to interactive teaching approaches and resources used to facilitate team training. The workshop will focus on the following: lessons learned from our 10 years of team training, the need to standardize team science competencies for research teams, tools to measure the impact of team science training, linkages to translational research competencies, and efforts to create a sustainable, scalable method of training for research teams.

Workshop objectives:

1.Provide an overview and foundational knowledge of team science

2.Present key changes that were made to address specific needs of research team (e.g., communication, respect, hierarchy, productivity)

3.Provide a methodology to customize team training to the needs of individual research teams

4.Demonstrate a process of interactive learning that addresses some of the challenging dynamics that occur when working in research teams

By the end of this workshop, participants will gain a better understanding of team science and the growing need for team training among research teams. Participants will also leave with concrete examples of tools and strategies they can use with their own teams to help address common challenges among research teams (communication, meeting management, role clarity). The target audience for this workshop are academic and clinical researchers, team science researchers and trainers (particularly those working CTSA settings).