The SciTS Conference plenary agenda is nearly set. The conference will take place May 20-23, 2019 in Lansing, Michigan. Below you will find details about our featured keynote speaker and plenary panels.

Featured Keynote: Joy Balls-Berry

Joyce Balls-Berry

Joyce (Joy) E. Balls-Berry, Ph.D., is a psychiatric epidemiologist and health educator at the Mayo Clinic. Her primary research focus is evaluating the application of community-engaged research principles in diverse populations. She is interested in how community-engaged research can be applied to increase health equity.

Dr. Balls-Berry has also focused her research on determining the best approaches for inclusion of diverse populations into health research. This work includes evaluating recruitment of community participants and determining the best methods for translating research findings.

 The program will also feature several expert panels that will explore various areas of team science.
These plenary panels are:

Agency Approaches to Team Science
This panel will provide a number of different perspectives on team science from NSF and NIH representatives.

Science of Groups and Teams

This panel will address recent work on the nature and function of teams and multiteam systems, with perspectives from psychology, management, and organizational behavior

Indigenous Approaches to Team Science

This panel will discuss the different roles that collaboration plays in Indigenous responses to complex, socio-environmental problems in Canada and the US.

 Team Science in Agriculture and Natural Resources
This panel will address how research in agriculture and natural resources both depends on and informs team science.

 The Changing Scale and Scope of Collaboration: Implications for Team Science
This panel will address various ways in which team science is changing, including size, disciplinary and crossdisciplinary complexity, and geographical distribution (e.g., national, international).

Cultivating Team Science in Clinical and Translational Research

The Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research (MICHR) panel will describe how the Institute promotes team science by incorporating services and resources designed for teams into its clinical and translational research infrastructure. In doing so, it will also convey general lessons for the SciTS community.

Integrating Team Science with Health Science Research and Practice

This panel will discuss community-engaged research conducted by faculty in the Division of Public Health at the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, Flint Campus and the use of team science to promote health equity in Flint, MI and beyond.